英文感谢信 篇1

Dear Head Master of F B Department:

First of all, we thank you for the perfect service and providing delicious foods, which give us a deep impression for everything you done. Here, our company specially thanks you and your team, and sends the best regards and the most sincere gratitude to all of you. At the same time, we specially thank an outstanding employee ------ whom gave the most cooperation during the events.

At the end, we sincerely thank for the all supports from you and your colleagues.

Millions of thanks!

Your Sincerely

英文感谢信 篇2

Dear Mr Li,

I’m very excited to write to express my thanks to you. I am now a freshman of Wuhan University, which I have been dreaming about. Mr Li, I still remember the days when you taught me English. My English has been improved greatly because of your creative work. However, at one time, the pressure of examinations, too much homework and the high expectations made me depressed. I was tired of the warning that if I didn’t do my best, I wouldn’t have the chance to go to college. Thanks for your encouragement; if not, I wouldn’t have realized my dream. And now I really understand you. I wish more and more of your students could go to their ideal colleges. Are you still so busy? How I miss you! Hoping to hear from you soon.


Li Hua

英文感谢信 篇3

Dear Cathy,

I am writing to express our heartfelt thanks for taking good care of smart while we were on holiday. He was such a happy dog when we got home; we knew he must have had lots of loving attention. When we used to pick up from the kennel he would whimper and carry on for hours.

You not only saved us some money, you also spared us the worry of how he was doing while we were away. Your kind help is very much appreciated, not only by smart, but also by our whole family as well.

Yours truly,


英文感谢信 篇4

Dear Eleven

I am writing to extendmy sincere gratitude for your encouragement to me. If it had not been for your assistance in my Olympic Game in Maths. I fear that I would have been give it up early.

Every one agrees that it was you who encouraged me to persist on the game all the time and always helped me make a lot of preparations for the game, so I had the confidence in myself and won the game at last. Again, I would like to express my warm thanks to you! Please accept my gratitude.

Yours sincerely,

Li Ming

英文感谢信 篇5

Dear Liu Dong,

I'm back at school now. I wish to express my thanks to you for the wonderful vacation I spent with you and your family. During the vacation you taught me how to swim, boat and fish. I really appreciate① your taking time off work to take② me around and show me so many places.

Your mother is such a terrific③ cook! I think I must have gained 10 pounds just in the week I spent with you. Surely I've spent a happy vacation, which will be remembered for long.

I hope you will be able to visit our school sometime. Thank you again. Let's keep in touch.


Li Ming

英文感谢信 篇6

dear john,

i am writing to thank you for looking after me after that unfortunate accident the other day, when i was knocked off my bike by a taxi. if it had not been for your assistance in giving me first aid and taking me to a nearby hospital, i fear that the consequences might have been much more seriousdear staff, i am writing to show my sincere gratitude for all of you. now that i am home and on my own again i feel extremely happy. during the time i lived at the rehabilitation center and was under your tender care, i promised myself i would write a letter of thanks as soon as i was able.abundant thanks to each one of you for your patience, expertise and genuine concern. it was you who helped me believe in myself and gave me assurance that i could walk again. i would never forget each word you said to me and the things you have done to me. forgive me for the times i lashed out at you in frustration and thank you for understanding and remaining firm with me. never stop your beautiful way of working with people. your help really means a

lot to me and anyone who in trouble as well.affectionately,

wang fang


亲爱的全体工作人员: 我写这封信是为了表达我对你们的真诚感谢。现在我又可以一个人在家了,我真的非常高兴。我在康复中心接受你们的关照时,就已经决心只要一有时间就给你们写感谢信了。

对于你们每个人的耐心、专业精神和关心我表示深深地感谢。是你们使我相信自己能够站着走路。你们说的每一句话、做过的每一件事我都不会忘记。请原谅我在受挫时对你们大发脾气,谢谢你们的理解和对我的严格要求。 继续你们美丽的事业吧。你们的帮助对于我和其他需要帮助的人来说有着非常重要的`意义。



英文感谢信 篇7

A Letter of ThanksRosedale CaliforniaJuly 15 1999Dear Mrs. MooreYou may be sure that I shall always continue to enjoy the week which I have just spent in your home with Louise. You did everything possible to make us happy. The parties thepicomics and the lunches were all so delightful and gay that I can never thank you enough for all the trouble you took for and I are already counting the days until Louise will be here with us. Tell her that I will write to her tomorrow.

Gratefully yoursMildred Mason

英文感谢信 篇8


人们在交往中常需要相互致谢,收到别人赠送的礼物,得到别人的帮助、受到别人的慰问,都应该表示感谢。感谢信是人们常用的一种感谢方式。感谢信最主要的特点是真诚。缺乏真挚的感情答谢他人,收信人将对你的谢意产生怀疑,感谢的目的也就失去了。因此,写感谢信首先得真心诚意。感谢信另一个特点是具体。写感谢信切忌泛泛而谈,而应着重于具体的感谢事由。 其次一个特点是及时。收到别人礼物、得到别人帮助,应及时写信予以答谢。否则,人家会对你的谢意大打折扣。收到他人赠送的礼物应当及时写封感谢信,感谢信除了应写得真诚、具体、及时外,还应当特别提及所收礼物的具体内容,否则,泛泛而谈,使人觉得你不够真诚。为此,当你写感谢信时,应这样写:“thank you for your beautiful roses.”(谢谢您送的美丽的玫瑰花。);而不要笼统地写上“thank you for your beautiful gift.”(谢谢您送给我的漂亮礼物。),这样,使人觉得你既礼貌,又诚心,从而真正达到交往的目的。下面我们来看看具体的范例。


dear laura,

i was trulyeaptured beyond expression to receive your flowers which turned our living roominto a garden. how considerate and wonderful of you to remember my birthday. you justcouldnt have selected anything i had have liked more! you have a positive genius forselecting the right gift!the four years ispent with you at the college have been the pleasantest period in my life. i will cherish this memory forever. how nice it would beto see you again.you have beenmore than kind, and i wont ever forget it. my love and deepest gratitude, now andalways!

sincerely yours,



dear dan andlaura,

jim and i want tothank you for the beautiful salad bowl set. we are looking forward to getting lotsof use out of your thoughtful and practical wedding gift.thanks again forthe lovely gift.




dear mrs. gorden,

id like you toknow how much the week at your lovely house meant to me. i not only enjoyed myselfimmensely, but also i felt relaxed and refreshed as i havent felt for months.please give mylove to helen. it was so nice being with her again just like our old days togetherat school.many thanks toyou and mr. gordon for asking me.

sincerely yours,

jean brown




①i am nowwriting to express my sincere thanks for____ 。 ②id like you to know how much your_____ meant to me. ③you have a positive genius for ______. ④i not only enjoyed_____ but also___. ⑤i shall ever remember _____ as one of the most _____ in my life. ⑥i _____. ⑦i hope to have the opportunity of reciprocating. ⑧ would you kindly letme know _____.⑨i will feel very honored and pleased if you have time to _____. ⑩how nice it would be to see you again and i am looking forwards to seeing you nexttime!i repeat mythanks again for your_____. please give my kind regards to your_____ 。

yours truly,







④ 对方的情意对自己的影响



⑦ 询问对方是否有时间

⑧ 表达自己回报的心情

⑨ 提出希望下次见面的愿望


英文感谢信 篇9

dear all,

its time to say goodbye to everyone today. i will leave this afternoon.

in xxx years, with you good friends, i have so much happy memory. i will never forget that and they are my largest fortune in my life.

it is my pleasure to work with you and i appreciate much that you have shared precious time with me. thank you for sharing, support, help and encouragement and thank you for everything!

wish you happy and healthy!

keep in touch via

gratitude to colleagues who leave office

dear all colleagues, parents and students,

on behalf of the school, we are so sentimental to hear that the following members will leave us since the next school year. at the same time, i would like to expremy heart-felt thanks to all of them for their whole-hearted contribution in their past living in the college and i sincerely hope that all of them earn a brighter future in their career path in the education field.

general office:ms. wong kam yee (kammy), ms. ng ning hoi (janice)

english (primary):mr. holt lee, mrs. eva yee wah au (eva)

chinese:ms. tam wai yan (ivy), ms. im sao kam

mathematics:ms. tai ka wai (agnes)

liberal studies:mr. yung chak yan (henry)

english (secondary): ms. christina lin

library:mr. tan eee hwee (alfred)

on the other hand, our janitor, mr. yau who has also contributed himself in the school for 5 years, will retire this year. may we expreour sincere gratitude of his support in the past years and hope that he enjoys his joyful after retirement.

dr. law hing chung